Check Out This Sneaky Border Bill Provision That Makes It Even Worse Than Everyone Is Saying

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My colleague Bonchie wrote on some of the problems in the Senate border bill earlier. 

As more comes out, it’s even worse than people thought. People have been talking about the emergency provisions kicking in to shut down the border at 5,000 illegal aliens on average over seven consecutive days or 8,500 in one day. You have the discretion to activate it at an average of 4,000 a day over seven consecutive days, but you have to activate it at 5,000. And yes, that’s ridiculous because you should just be applying the provision to enforce the law from the first illegal alien rather than all this. This looks like you’re codifying illegality. Some estimated that it would work out to 28K per week, 121K a month, and 1.46M a year.  On top of it all, as we noted, Joe Biden—as long as he’s occupying the Oval Office—has the power to override things, he can suspend the shutdown authority for 45 days if he deems it in the national interest. 

But there’s another sneaky provision in this calculation that many were talking about and freaking out about. 

That’s this provision on page 213.

So what does that mean? Some people thought it meant all illegal aliens from non-contiguous countries wouldn’t be counted for the calculation of when the emergency power activates. Not quite, but it’s still pretty bad. 

Here’s the referenced section: 

That means it’s referencing unaccompanied children from noncontiguous countries. So any child (UAC) not from Mexico or Canada isn’t even counted in the number of people that would trigger the provisions. That could be an incredible amount, as we saw when there was a huge run on unaccompanied children coming in. 

The bill says no unaccompanied minors can be removed, and some of these minors will receive attorneys, either pro bono or taxpayer-funded. 

That’s not all. Here’s Sen. Bill Hagerty’s take on another aspect of the bill: using even more of our money to ship illegal aliens all over the country, including to Democrat sanctuary cities. 

While some of the mayors in such cities are upset over the depletion of services that causes (or at least that’s the public position), more illegal aliens increase their numbers for the census and the apportionment of congressional seats.

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No wonder as people read more of this, they’re all saying no, no, no. 

Again, a bill from Congress is not needed to solve the acute problem at the border. Biden just needs to undo the executive orders he signed on day one. The historic influx of illegal immigrants was started by the policies his administration has recklessly pursued.

The simple answer is to enforce the law, as Julio Rosas says. Biden and the Democrats are throwing everything up against the wall hoping you’ll forget that’s supposed to be Biden’s job here, and he’s simply refusing to do it. 

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