BMW 5-series sedan owner busted for using illegal number plate [Video]

Illegal number plates are a menace in our country. We have come across several cases where people are seen driving or riding a vehicle without proper registration plates. Many of them even stick their caste name on the registration plate instead of the actual number. Police across the country have been taking action against such offenders and issuing fines. People still continue to do this. Recently, a video shared by the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department shows a BMW luxury sedan with an illegal number plate. The cops stopped the driver and issued a fine.

The video has been shared by Kerala MVD on their official Facebook page. As usual, Kerala MVD made a troll video of the incident and posted it online. The incident took place in Kerala’s Kollam district. According to the reports, the driver had installed an illegal registration plate on the car that said “Y-PIT CUSTOMZ” on it. The actual registration of the car was hidden. When the owner took the car out, MVD spotted the car and asked the owner to pull over. On inspection, it was revealed that this is a car that is registered in Delhi. MVD checked all the documents and took action. The department issued a challan for using an illegal number plate on public roads. The exact amount of the fine is not known at the moment.

Kerala MVD has always managed to stay in the news for one reason or another. They are known to take strict action against offenders. The state government has recently spent over 200 crores for the installation of AI cameras in various parts of the state. There were many flaws in this system, and the department had to actually post AMVI to control rooms to manually inspect every picture before issuing a fine. Along with the installation of AI cameras, the department has also come forward with comprehensive plans to reduce reckless driving among young drivers.

BMW with illegal number plate

Coming back to the registration plate, in 2015, the Motor Vehicle Act section 50 was amended to ensure that all the vehicles in India get a uniform number plate. All the vehicles in India should display the mandatory registration plate on the vehicle. Private vehicles get black letters with a white background, and commercial vehicles come with a yellow background and black letters. All the alphabets and numerals on the plate should be in English and not any other local language. There is a preset font size and number plate size in the rulebook too, but not many follow that.

Newer vehicles now get the mandatory High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP). They are high-security plates and come with tamper-proof bolts. Such number plates also get a hologram to prove their authenticity. Many people do not understand why this is important. In this case, if this particular BMW were to get into an accident or some other illegal activity, the authorities would be left with no options to track the vehicle as the registration number was hidden. The registration plate of the vehicle must be left clear, and no stickers or names should be placed on it.

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