Biden Bubble Wrapped: Axelrod Says Biden Has a Stutter and That Trump Is Naughty for Mocking It

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Following President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address, marked by speedy, pressured, and garbled speech, while fumbling the only name he really shouldn’t have, and extremely divisive remarks aimed at the Supreme Court, now former President Donald Trump is being criticized for being Trumpy.

On Saturday, Trump held a rally in Rome, Georgia, where he mildly made fun of Biden’s linguistic presentation the nation collectively endured in the days prior. 

In the clip, Trump is impersonating Biden saying he is “going to bring the country t- t- t- t- together.” He continued by slurring his words together and saying, “I’m going to bring it together.”

In the immediate aftermath, the media fact-checked Trump using the transcripts and declared that Biden didn’t actually say those words in his speech on Thursday. This, just in case the public thought that impersonations are facts being presented. 

Now, former Obama aide and CNN commentator David Axelrod says — I guess — that Biden is disabled, so we can’t impersonate him anymore. According to Axelrod, impersonations of the highly visible public figure are not acceptable. Per his post Monday on X, formerly Twitter, “Mocking someone’s stutter for laughs is pathetic and small, the stuff of schoolyard bullies not grownups. Acting like a total jackass doesn’t make you strong.”

Axelrod went on to share another post that deemed this to be a sign of Trump’s moral weakness. 

Well, for one, following what will hopefully be the last SOTU address given by ol’ Biden, the Democrat talking point was how their dear leader was cognitively better than ever. Who could have guessed that mocking the perfect address would be declared out-of-bounds due to disability? 

It may be worth noting that the diagnostic term “stuttering” has been renamed in the DSM-5 as “Childhood-Onset Fluency Disorder.” It’s been previously claimed that Biden’s stutter is lifelong.

On the other hand, major or minor neurocognitive disorder (previously “dementia”) diagnostic criteria have six cognitive domains that are evaluated, with one of them being language. I’m not here to diagnose Biden, but perhaps the Democrats need to have a… come to Jesus meeting (to quote Biden) where they decide if he is perfectly well or is disordered and cannot be impersonated. 

I don’t believe that what I heard in the SOTU is accurately described as a stutter, anyway. Was Biden struggling to get words out? I thought he sounded like a bad auctioneer who had hardly finished one word before he was onto the next. That’s my nicest way of pondering if he was on speed. I wonder. 

As for Trump, the leftist pearl-clutching at the most mild of social offenses won’t damage his bid to get back into the White House. Trying to bubble-wrap Biden and make every jab out to be an intolerable faux pas won’t make voters believe that the heroic Dark Brandon exists. At least Axlerod accidentally told the truth: There is something wrong with Biden. 

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