Another Ola S1 Electric Scooter Catches Fire And Burns [Video]

Ola Electric scooters are currently the most popular choice in the electric two-wheeler segment. While they are extremely popular among buyers in India, this scooter also frequently makes headlines for its issues. Lately, there have been more videos circulating of Ola electric scooters catching fire. This time, there is a video of an Ola scooter fire from Madhya Pradesh.

The video was shared by Future is Electric on their X (formerly Twitter) profile. In this 19-second clip recorded by a person on the road, we can see the scooter burning while a person is standing next to it. The person recording the video can be heard asking how the accident happened. The person replied that the scooter caught fire on its own.

The scooter seen in the video appears to be a Gen 2 Ola S1 Pro scooter. From the video circulating online, it seems like the battery pack is what caught fire. The fire is clearly going to burn the scooter down to ashes. It is not clear whether the fire brigade had reached the spot before it burned down. The S1 Pro Gen 2 scooters were launched in the market last year around Independence Day, and since their launch, there have been several reports of issues and fire incidents.

Ola S1 scooter catches fire

The comment section under this video is filled with users who have had a bad experience with the brand. One user wrote, “I had a bad experience when my S1 Pro broke down on 1st Feb & till 21st Feb it didn’t get picked up or checked by a technician. I have a care + subscription & x warranty. I had to tweet daily, log in a number of tickets, visit the dealership, and then it finally got repaired after 20 days.” Another user wrote, “Let’s make an effort to shut down this irresponsible company as much as possible.”

This is not the first time we’ve come across an incident like this in India. Ola is yet to respond to this matter, and we have not seen any automated replies from the brand under this video so far. A brand-new Ola S1 Pro would easily cost you around Rs 1.5 lakh. People expect a certain level of quality and safety from a vehicle for which they are paying this amount. When they start facing issues with the product, it is the brand’s responsibility to resolve the issue after identifying the root cause.

Last week, a similar incident happened in Kerala. A person who had taken an Ola S1 Pro Gen 2 scooter for a test drive had a bad experience. After riding the scooter for some time, he noticed smoke coming out of the scooter. The user parked the scooter on the roadside and within seconds, the scooter caught fire. The fire brigade arrived at the spot quickly, but they couldn’t save the scooter at all.

Similarly, in another case, an Ola scooter that was plugged in for charging burst into flames and destroyed two other scooters parked next to it. Not only did it damage the scooters, but it also damaged a 2-story building. The residents of the house suffered injuries and were admitted to the hospital.

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