Amit Shah’s Tata Safari SUV Number Plate Goes Viral: Here’s Why

Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Union Minister Amit Shah is known for his stances on many political issues. Recently, Amit Shah’s name has been in the news in relation to the Citizenship Amendment Act, or CAA. There are reports suggesting that the central government is likely to announce the CAA 2019 regulations ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. A picture of Amit Shah arriving at the BJP headquarters in Delhi has gone viral on the internet. The leader is seen arriving in a Tata Safari Dicor with the letters ‘CAA’ on it. People are associating this with the Citizenship Amendment Act.

In the image, we see a white Tata Safari in front of the BJP headquarters in Delhi. The SUV’s registration number is DL 1CAA 4421. We looked up this number online and were surprised to find that it is a 2018 model 4×4 Tata Safari registered under the name of the Deputy Commissioner of Police. It is not your regular Safari but an armored one.

It appears that Tata has built this Safari specifically for the leader. This is an armored vehicle, which means the windscreen and body panels are all reinforced and are likely bulletproof. We’ve seen Amit Shah travel in a Tata Safari several times, and considering the position he holds in the current government, this choice is not surprising. The image of Amit Shah’s armored Tata Safari has gone viral on the internet. While some find the registration number funny and relate it to Amit Shah’s commitment to implementing the CAA.

Amit Shah's Safari
Amit Shah’s Safari

There are several reports suggesting that the Ministry of Home Affairs is likely to make an announcement related to the CAA before the Model Code of Conduct for the 2024 elections. The CAA, which was passed by parliament in December 2019, has not been implemented yet. After the act was passed, we saw nationwide protests and processions. Many critics, opposition political parties, and leaders called this act discriminatory on the basis of religion and linked it with the National Register of Citizens exercise.

Amit Shah, speaking at the ET Now Global Summit 2024, said, “The CAA is a law of the country, and its notification will definitely be issued. It will be issued before the polls. The CAA will be implemented before the elections. No one should have any confusion about it.”

We feel that the CAA on the registration number of Amit Shah’s Tata Safari was just a mere coincidence. We are living in a time where social media is part of everyone’s life, and things like this just become viral. The Tata Safari seen here is the 2.2 Dicor version, which means it was powered by a 2.2-liter, 4-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine that generated 138 bhp and 320 Nm of peak torque. As this is an armored vehicle, we are not sure if the engine on this particular Safari has been tuned in any manner. The suspension and tires would have been upgraded definitely to handle the added weight of the vehicle. Tata discontinued this version of Safari in 2017 and replaced it with Safari Storme which was discontinued due to new safety and emission norms. Safari name was once again heard in the market in 2021.

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