Alvin Bragg Gets Dressed Down By Judge for Arbitrary Prosecution as 'COVID Passport' Defendants Are Freed

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A New York judge excoriated Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg in court as he dismissed felony charges against two New Yorkers Bragg had selected to make an example of for possessing fraudulent “COVID vaccine cards.” Judge Brandon T. Lantry said Bragg’s attempt to prosecute two people, identified only as J.O. and R.V., on felony charges was not going to happen. Lantry said Bragg “routinely — nearly daily — move[s] to dismiss significantly more serious counts or entire indictments.” 

In some of those cases, he noted in his opinion, Bragg’s office worked to dismiss charges against people with prior felony convictions or people whose immigration status might be at risk if they were convicted.

Just this week, Bragg’s office refused to prosecute a mob of illegals who beat an NYPD officer while being videoed.


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NY Injustice: Illegals Who Assaulted NYPD Officers Can’t Be Arrested Because They Were Freed Without Bail

Like most interesting stories, this one starts with government overreach and a New Jersey stripper. 

In 2021, New York City introduced a “vaccine passport” that required proof of vaccination to work or shop at indoor facilities. This order was issued despite what was known about COVID at the time. Freedom and private enterprise had the solution.

Lyndurst resident Jasmine Clifford, who maintained a social media presence as a stripper called 5StarJaziii, advertised fake Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccination cards using an Instagram account “@AntiVaxMomma,” prosecutors said.

Clifford would charge each anti-vaxxer who wanted a card about $200 and accepted payment through Zelle or CashApp, according to the DA.

For an extra $250, customers could also get their name entered into the New York State Immunization Information System, prosecutors said.

Clifford sold about 250 fake credentials, most to New York City residents. Of this group, Bragg charged 16 with a felony. Sixteen were charged from a pool of over 200. It’s too bad we don’t have mug shots to see what race they were. Fourteen pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, while J.O. and R.V. moved to have the judge dismiss the charges. 

After noting the massive disparities in how Bragg’s office treats cases, the judge ruled:

“An indictment or any count thereof may be dismissed in furtherance of justice…when, even though there may be no basis for dismissal as a matter of law upon any ground specified…such dismissal is required as a matter of judicial discretion by the existence of some compelling factor, consideration, or circumstance clearly demonstrating that conviction or prosecution of the defendant upon such indictment or count would constitute or result in injustice,” the court noted.

Hopefully, we’ll see more judges standing up to injustice, but I’m not holding my breath. The bullsh** charges against most of the J6 defendants and the treatment of peaceful pro-life protesters as dangerous felons show that most judges, unlike Judge Lantry, are just functionaries, “little Eichmann’s,” to borrow a phrase, in a system that is designed to be used to inflict pain to show the peasantry who is in charge.

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