Alert Conductor With Crazy Reflexes Saves Woman From Falling Out Of Moving Bus: Video

A video of a bus conductor in a private bus in Tamil Nadu has gone viral lately on social media. The video that is circulating on the internet shows an alert bus conductor who saves a woman from falling out of a moving bus. The video was recorded on a CCTV camera that was installed inside the bus. The accident happened in a private bus that does trips between Erode and Mettur.

In the video, we see a girl standing on the floor of the bus. The conductor is standing at the front door of the bus looking outside. The woman gets up from the seat and starts walking to the front. It looks like the bus was approaching the stop where she’s supposed to get down. As she was walking towards the front, she somehow loses balance and falls. She fell down to the front door where the conductor was standing.

Luckily, the alert conductor saw her falling and immediately held her. In fact, if you look carefully, everything happened so fast that the conductor could only hold the woman by her bag and hair. It looks like the bus driver did slow down after he heard the screams from the cabin. The conductor pulled the woman up, and other passengers in the car helped her come up. In this case, the woman was extremely lucky to have escaped with almost no injuries. As per the reports available online, the woman then collected her things and got off the bus at the next stop.

bus conductor saves woman

If the bus conductor had not held her, she would have fallen on the road and got injured seriously. It is not clear whether the girl lost control, or did the bus driver swerve the vehicle, which made her lose her balance. Private bus drivers often drive recklessly in almost every part of the country. They often run limited trips on a small route, and most of them are time-bound. In order to reach the stops on time, they drive recklessly, and this even leads to accidents in many cases.

In this case, we are not sure whether the bus was being driven recklessly or not. One thing is very clear: the bus conductor was standing at the door of the bus with the doors open. Private or government buses that carry passengers should have a door, and it must be closed when the vehicle is in motion. The door of the vehicle should be closed for the safety of the passengers. Also, standing on the footboard of a bus is extremely dangerous as the chances of falling from the vehicle are extremely high.

The passenger was also at fault here. She did not wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before standing up. Her plan was probably to walk to the front door and ask the conductor to stop the bus at the next stop. However, she couldn’t get hold of the grab handle that was hanging from the metal bar in the bus. Always be careful of these small things while using public transport to avoid such incidents.

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