5 Beautifully Modified Maruti Swift Hatchbacks

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is the best-selling hatchback in India. It also happens to be the best-selling car overall for the last few years as well. For this reason, there are numerous types of owners of this wonderful hatchback. Some like to keep their Swift stock. Meanwhile, a few like to modify it according to their taste. So recently, we thought that we should bring to you a list comprising some of the most beautifully modified Swifts from all over India. So without any further delay, here is the list.

Maruti Swift Dark Blue with body kit

The first car on this list comes from Kerala. This particular Swift is finished in a very classy Dark Blue color. The main highlight of this Swift’s modification list is the addition of the Swift Sport kit. On the front, it gets a much more aggressive-looking bumper.

The grille with the Swift Sport kit is a lot larger than the standard car. It also gets a lower front splitter as well. Moving on to the side profile, it gets a set of beautiful-looking 10-spoke alloy wheels finished in gunmetal grey color.

Maruti Suzuki Swift with Sport body kit rear

As for the rear, it has been given a set of Union Jack LED taillights. This design is more commonly seen in Mini Cooper cars. Additionally, it also gets a Swift Sport rear bumper with twin-exit exhausts and a rear spoiler. To add to the clean appearance, the rear badges have been removed.


Nardo Grey beast

Nardo Grey Maruti Swift front

Coming to the second car on this list. This particular modified Swift’s main highlight is the Nardo Grey color wrap. For those who may not be aware, this is an official Audi color which looks very sporty and clean. This car also gets a full Swift Sport kit.

In addition to the sharper and bolder front bumper, the hatchback gets a bunch of other mods. The first is the addition of a custom front splitter. Meanwhile, the other mods include new LED bulbs for headlights and LED projector fog lamps. The bonnet has also been covered in Carbon fiber skin with two fake vents.

Nardo Grey Maruti Suzuki Swift rear

On the side profile, it gets new multispoke alloy wheels, Yokohama tyre stickers, and side skirts. Meanwhile, the rear gets a massive spoiler, Swift Sport rear bumper with twin exhaust ports, and smoked LED taillights. It has also been completely debadged in the rear. This car has also been given a replica Borla exhaust as well.


Big bird yellow Swift

Maruti Swift yellow modified front

Yellow is a very striking color and there are not many Swifts in this color. However, this particular Swift has been given a beautiful Champion Yellow 4 ZFT paint job, inspired by the Swift Sport. In addition, it has been fully dechromed with the help of black vinyl wrap.

Like the previous cars, this one too gets a Sport kit installed. It also includes the same front and rear bumpers and custom skid plates finished in gloss black. Other major additions to the hatchback include a rear spoiler, aftermarket LED headlamps, a dual muffler design at the rear, tinted glass, and more.

Now coming to the main highlight of this car, it has been given 17-inch multispoke MOMO alloy wheels with low-profile tyres. It also gets a custom lowering suspension kit which makes the hatchback stick to the ground.

Maruti Swift yellow modified rear

No modifications have been made to the drivetrain of this Swift. It comes powered by the stock 1.2-litre K12C dual jet dual VVT petrol engine. It produces a maximum power of 90 bhp and 113 Nm of peak torque. The engine comes mated to a 5-speed manual and a 5-speed AMT gearbox.


Maruti Swift with Lambo doors

Maruti Swift with Lambo doors

This particular Swift is one of the most crazily modified Swifts in the country. The main highlight of this car is the addition of scissor doors. We’ve seen these types of doors on the V12-engined Lamborghini models like the Countach, Murcielago, and Aventador.

It has also been given a beautiful-looking Satin Blue color wrap with silver and black graphics on the bonnet and rear doors. It also gets a much more aggressive-looking front splitter and 120-watt LED projector fog lights.

This particular Swift has also been given a massive rear spoiler and a Swift Sport rear bumper. In addition, the car also gets diamond-cut multispoke alloy wheels with low-profile tyres. The owner has also added “SYSTEM” tyre lettering as well.

Maruti Swift with Lambo doors rear

On the interior, this Swift gets a new music system including mid-range tweeters, pioneer head unit, and Avatar mid-range speakers on doors. It also gets four infinity ovals and 2 subwoofers. The total cost of all the modifications on this car is Rs 8 lakh.

Swift “Blitz”

Maruti Suzuki Swift Sport white modified front

This particular Swift is one of the coolest modified Swifts in the country and one of our favourites. This Swift, which has been finished in a white color, has been given amazing black elements to make it look like a panda. At the front, it gets a Swift Sport front bumper and a custom splitter.

The unique part about the splitter is that it gets support braces just like Japanese drift cars. In addition, to add an extremely unique design element. It gets a white wrap over headlights which look like eyelids.

Maruti Suzuki Swift modifed rear white

Moving on the side profile, it has been equipped with a side skirt. Additionally, it also now gets Blitz Japan ZZR coilovers and 17-inch aftermarket alloy wheels. Other modifications include a full system exhaust with Borla Thumper.

It also gets Hpi Japan megamax universal Air filter, Dixcel Japan ES type brake pads, and low-profile soft compound tyres. Overall this is one of the most beautiful-looking Swifts in the country.

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