4 Underrated Costco Services That Can Save You Money

Many people invest in a Costco membership to save money on food and household essentials. But that’s not the only reason to join. In addition to discounts on food and everyday goods, many perks come with a Costco membership. Don’t ignore other services that could save you money. Here are a few underrated Costco services that could help you keep more cash in the bank.

1. Car repair and maintenance discounts

Costco shoppers can use their member benefits to save money when they get their cars repaired or serviced. While Costco doesn’t handle car repair services at its clubs, the retailer partners with outside shops so members can save money on this necessary vehicle expense.

When taking your car to a participating service center in your community, you could get a 15% discount on parts, accessories, and service for up to $500 in savings per visit.

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Don’t miss out on this membership service the next time you need work done on your vehicle. Costco has a tool on its website that you can use to find participating shops in your local area.

2. Save on moving truck rentals

Let’s be honest — moving is a huge pain. But moving can be less stressful when you have the right equipment and tools to do the job. Whenever you plan your next move, check to see if you can save money on a truck rental using your Costco membership perks.

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Costco partners with Budget Truck Rental to offer members a 25% discount on truck rentals. Whether you need a truck to move to a new home, pick up furniture, or move items out of storage, this Costco membership discount could be a win for your checking account balance.

3. Get a better rate when buying pet insurance

Many Costco members know they can save on auto and homeowners insurance expenses. But they may not realize they might qualify for discounts for other insurance needs like pet insurance.

If you’re considering insuring your new fur pal, verify whether you can get a better rate using your Costco membership benefits. Costco members in most states can get a 15% rate discount on eligible Figo pet insurance policies. Shop around and compare policy rates to find out if it’s worthwhile to get an insurance policy from Figo.

4. Pay less for medications for your pets

Here’s another service that can benefit pet owners: access to cheaper pet medications. Costco offers discounts on human prescriptions through its Costco Member Prescription Program. But the retailer also provides discounts on pet prescriptions.

While not all pet medications are available, many popular ones are. You can get a discount of 40% or more on eligible pet medications when you buy them at Costco. If you have an existing pet prescription that you get filled elsewhere, Costco can help you transfer it.

Get more from your Costco membership

If you’re paying $60 or $120 yearly to shop at Costco, it’s worthwhile to make an effort to get as much value as possible from your membership. It’s wise to review current Costco discounts and services a few times throughout the year to ensure you maximize your benefits. Are you looking for additional ways to save money? Explore our free personal finance resources.

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