4-Month Old, Moving Ola S1 Pro Catches Fire On Highway [Video]

Ever since the launch of its electric scooter, Ola Electric has come under scrutiny numerous times. The primary reason for its criticism is that its scooters catch on fire randomly. And once again, it has been reported that another Ola Electric scooter has burnt to the ground. The shocking part is that the scooter was just four months old. The video shows the owner telling the story of how their Ola S1 Pro burned while driving on a highway.


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Ola Electric S1 Pro burns on highway

This video of the Ola Electric scooter burning has been shared on Instagram by Yash Bharat News. As per the news, this incident took place in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The video starts with the owner of the Ola EV scooter introducing himself. He states that his name is Abdul Rahman.

Following this, the interviewer asks him how this incident took place. To this, he replies that his younger brother was riding the scooter on the highway. After this, he states that a truck driver warned them that there is smoke coming out of their scooter. And immediately after this, they stopped the scooter.

The owner added that after stopping, they parked the scooter on the side of the highway. Following this, what happened was the scooter smoke turned into fire. And just in a few moments, the scooter completely burned down, and even its battery cells started bursting. He stated that after this, they distanced themselves from the scooter.

How old was the scooter?

Ola Scooter fire MP

During this short interview, the reporter asks the owner which scooter it was. To this, he replied that this was the Ola Electric S1 Pro scooter. He added that they paid around Rs 1.73 lakh for it. The interviewer then asks how old it was? The owner then answers that they bought it just four months ago.

Ola Electric scooter burned during test ride

We are not saying that the above incident is not as shocking. This is because it was also a very new 4-month-old scooter that caught fire. However, this does not come close to the shocking factor of an Ola Electric scooter catching on fire during a test ride. Yes, you heard that right.

An Ola Electric scooter caught on fire during a test ride in Kerala. The video of this unique incident taking place was shared on Instagram. During this particular test ride, the person recording the video was seen riding the scooter normally. He was accelerating periodically to test the scooter’s performance.

Ola S1 Air on fire
Ola S1 Air on fire

However, after some time what happened was there was smoke coming out from underneath the seat. The rider then immediately stopped the scooter on the side of the road. He also distanced himself from the scooter and recorded the incident. It was noted that the scooter was first emitting dark smoke.

Finally, moments later, it turned into a fireball and it completely burned down. It was reported that the rider or some locals called the fire brigade. And by the time they arrived at the spot, the scooter had been burning for quite some time.

Why did these Ola Scooters burn?

At the moment, the exact reason behind the fire of this scooter from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, and the scooter from Kerala has not been reported. It could be due to a number of reasons. However, it has to be said that these most likely are not the last Ola Electric fires and there could be more in the future if the company does not take proper actions.

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