3 Month Old Moving Mahindra Thar Catches Fire And Burns: Owner Claims ‘No Accessories Installed’ [Video]

Vehicles catching fire has become a common occurrence in India. We are not just talking about EVs but vehicles with traditional engines as well. A few months ago, we came across a report about a month-old Mahindra Thar that caught fire. Now, we have a similar incident from Rajasthan where a three-month-old Mahindra Thar caught fire while in motion. The car not only caught fire but also burned to ashes. Thankfully, the owner and other occupants managed to escape from the car in time.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel, with details related to the fire shared by one of his followers from Rajasthan, who also happens to be the owner of the car. The car shown in the video is a Mahindra Thar diesel 4×4. The incident occurred in January, just three months after the SUV was purchased.

The owner mentions that he was casually driving the car when he noticed a power drop. He stopped the car to inspect the cause and noticed smoke coming from under the bonnet. Within minutes, the whole car caught fire. The owner claims that he has not installed any aftermarket accessories, meaning he has not installed anything outside of what was offered by the dealership.

He did opt for some accessories from the dealership, such as the reverse parking camera, as heard in the voice clip. After the fire, the owner informed the dealership and the insurance company, but both are yet to respond.

The owner mentions that after buying the car, the engine check light in the instrument cluster came on a couple of times. When he informed the service center, they told him not to worry and fixed it without explaining the reason for the light coming on. This happened a couple of times.

3 month old Thar catches fire

Days before the Thar caught fire, he saw the engine check light on in the cluster, and he remembers that the same light was on just before the vehicle caught fire. The dealership is currently not taking responsibility for the fire. The insurance company has inspected the vehicle four times but is unable to find the cause of the fire.

In the video, the owner can be heard saying that he received a call from an executive from the insurance company who told him that they found traces of petrol in the car, which could have been the reason for the fire. The owner completely disagreed with the claim and told the insurance company that there was no fuel in the car at the time it caught fire.

This incident is very similar to a previous case reported from Haryana, where both the insurance company and the dealership are not providing assistance, leaving the customer stuck between the two. The insurance company claims that the vehicle caught fire due to a manufacturing defect, while the manufacturer claims that the fire was caused by an external factor.

There has been no official report from the manufacturer or insurance company about the reason for the fire. While we really want Indian car manufacturers to become more popular among buyers, incidents like these raise doubts in the minds of prospective customers. To address this issue, the brand should focus more on improving aftersales and service. We sincerely hope that the customer of the Mahindra Thar from Rajasthan gets his issue resolved soon. The customer is probably planning to move legally if he doesn’t get a response from the manufacturer or insurance company.

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