22 Year-Old Mahindra Scorpio Transformed Into Latest Scorpio Classic [Video]

Mahindra launched the Scorpio in 2002 to compete with the Tata Safari. It quickly became a hit in the Indian market and developed a cult following. Even after 20 years, the car is still standing strong in the Indian SUV segment. We can see multiple examples of old Scorpios still ruling the streets of the country. Today, we are going to cover a conversion job of a first-gen Scorpio to the latest Scorpio Classic.

The project is carried out by Autorounders, which has showcased its work on YouTube. The car in the video is the 1st gen 2003 model Scorpio, which has been converted to the most recent iteration of the SUV, the Scorpio Classic.

The video starts with a wholesome moment where the family can be seen expressing their happiness. The owner of the car took delivery with his father in 2003 and today he is taking delivery of the same car with his son. Spending money on a 21 years old car may not seem like a sensible choice to many but the emotions and memories one has with his car are priceless.

The host then shows the before version of the SUV which is the 1st gen Scorpio finished in silver. Signs of aging can be seen on the car. He then gives us a brief overview of what all has to be done on the SUV. All the elements of the SUV have to be changed for the conversion. He mentions that even after so many years, the car still drives smoothly. The video then shows the entire conversion process, highlighting how carefully the team at Autorounders handles cars.

Major parts of the car, such as the bonnet, bumpers, fenders, lights, windshields and boot door, have to be changed for the transformation. The host mentions that all the parts in the front are bolt-on, while the rear requires some fabrication, especially for the tail lamps.

The painting process of the car is also shown. The work is carried out in a paint booth, which is a good thing. All the parts are disassembled and painted separately. The car’s colour has been changed from silver to a beautiful shade of white called Pearl White.


The car is simply unrecognizable. From all four sides, it looks exactly like a brand new Scorpio Classic. The Pearl White colour is borrowed from the Volvo XC90. The earlier condition of the interior was not good, but the team has also restored it.

While some conversions also include interior transformation, in this case, the interior is kept the original. Some necessary features, like an Android infotainment system, have been added along with full interior restoration in a beige and black theme.

The video concludes with the family’s feedback. The owner mentioned that if the number plate was not fixed to the car, he would not recognize that it was his car. He mentions the sentimental value of the SUV and how his son loves the Scorpio.


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