20+ Amazing Coffee Filter Crafts

Check out these Amazing Coffee Filter Crafts! We started with 20 of the most fun arts and crafts with paper, but keep adding coffee filter art ideas that kids of all ages will love. These easy paper arts and crafts are a great way to craft on a moment’s notice even with young children because you are using inexpensive materials with creative uses. Use these cool arts and crafts at home or in the classroom.

I can’t wait to make the coffee filter flowers!

Let’s make coffee filter crafts!

Coffee filter crafts are one of my favorite types of kids art. It’s so fun to see what you can create just by digging around your kitchen cabinets and using fun craft and art supplies you have on hand.

And with so many coffee machines moving to pods, you may find an assortment of coffee filter sizes that you don’t have use for until now…

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Coffee filter crafts really encourage children to be kids, and use their imagination as they craft while developing fine motor skills. One of our favorite things to do here at Kids Activities Blog is to open the kitchen junk drawer and create something from what we find.  That is kinda like coffee filter art — use what you have at home already and save yourself a trip to the store!

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Coffee Filter Craft Supplies

The best part about coffee filter crafts, is that you don’t need many things to make them. You probably already have most of the necessary supplies around the house.

The main item you will need is…. coffee filters. <–big surprise, eh?

coffee filter - natural color coffee filter for Coffee Filter Crafts
This is the foundation to coffee filter art magic!

Crafts Supplies Often Used in Coffee Filter Crafts

This is one of those paper arts and craft projects where you can make do with what you have!  Don’t be afraid to use substitutions.  You may come up with a creative solution that we need to feature next.

Coffee Filter Crafts - shown are coffee filter fall leaves, coffee filter cabbage, coffee filter butterflies, snowflakes and snails
Those coffee filter autumn leaves look colorful as real ones!

Cool Crafts from Coffee Filters Where Art Mimics Nature

1. Coffee Filter Snowflake Patterns

This pretty Coffee Filter Snowflake from Happy Hooligans uses food coloring to make a tie dye effect.

2. Make Coffee Filter Flowers…& Carrots!

Coffee filter craft: Make carrots and flower baskets out of coffee filters - container of a bunch of coffee filter carrots and 3 colorful layered flower baskets

Urban Comfort‘s Coffee Filter Flowers and Carrots are just way too cute! 

3. Coffee Filter Leaf Art Project

coffee filter art - finished colorful coffee filter fall leaves shown in colors of green, orange, brown, red and purple from A Little pinch of Perfect

You’re going to fall in love with these Coffee Filter Fall Leaves from A Little Pinch of Perfect.

4. Pumpkins Made from Coffee Filters

This colorful Jack-O-Lantern is perfect for Halloween by attaching a decorated coffee filter behind a piece of construction paper. 

5. Coffee Filter Feather Craft

coffee filter craft: finished spin art feathers made from coffee filters hanging on a string

The Crafty Crow‘s Coffee Filter Feathers are so fun to make!

Coffee Filter Crafts with gorgeous colors - blues, purples and yellows in fish, leaves and flower bouquets
Coffee filters work great for art because they hold color so well!

Gorgeous Tie Dye Coffee Filter Crafts

6. Hot Air Balloon Craft for Kids

coffee filter craft: hanging in the window is a coffee filter colorful hot air balloon with window paint basket

This Coffee Filter Hot Air Balloon, from Inner Child Fun, is a really neat window display.

coffee filter art: clothespin butterfly with wings of coffee filters in blues and pinks

8. Coffee Filter Garland Project

coffee filter craft - finished leaf garland hanging on a mantle with coffee filter leaves of red and oranges

I love this Coffee Filter Fall Leaf Garland, from Popsugar. Let the kids decorate! 

9. Let’s Tie Dye Coffee Filters for Art

Make a colorful Tie-Dye Turkey, using a coffee filter as the body and feathers. Create the other body parts from construction paper (or whatever else you have on hand!).

10. Make Sea Animals from Coffee Filters

coffee filter craft - finished ocean animal cut outs swimming in blue tie dye coffee filter oceans

This Ocean Animal Coffee Filter Craft, from A Little Pinch of Perfect, would be so pretty hanging up in a window. 

11. Monster Craft for Kids

coffee filter crafts - tie dye monster craft - two tie dye monster heads made from coffee filters with big eyes and teeth

Kids will love making Raising Little Superheroes‘ Tie-Dye Coffee Filter Monsters!  

amazing Coffee Filter Crafts - flowers, flowers and more flowers
Coffee filter flowers are the best!

Kids Love Amazing Coffee Filter Crafts

12. Make an Apple from a Coffee Filter

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas‘ Coffee Filter Apple is a festive autumn craft that has great colors!

13. Pretty Coffee Filter Flowers

Coffee Filter Flowers are the prettiest bouquet of flowers that will never die! This would be a cool craft for Mother’s Day. 

14. DIY Suncatchers Kids Can Make

Fall Leaves Suncatchers, from Fun At Home With Kids, would be so pretty to hang in a bright window.

15. Spring Art for Kids

Make a whole forest of Coffee Filter Trees, with this brilliant coffee filter craft from A Little Pinch of Perfect.

16. Make a Coffee Filter Art Color Wheel

Learning about mixing colors with hands on coffee filter fun can done many ways:

17. Coffee Filter Flowers – Tie Dye Peonies

coffee filter art - beautiful finished coffee filter peonies on a wood floor

Dye coffee filters and make Peonies! This gorgeous idea from Pretty Petals would be the perfect centerpiece for a birthday bash, baby/ wedding shower, or any springtime party!

18. Vibrant Coffee Filter Flowers for a Rainy Day

These Coffee Filter Flowers, from Fun At Home With Kids, are vibrant and so much fun to make. 

19. Rainbow Fish Craft for Kids

coffee filter craft - rainbow fish made from coffee filters with bright colors and golden stripes

Crafty Morning‘s Rainbow Fish are flashy and make a great coffee filter crafts. 

20. Suncatcher Craft for Little Hands

Use a coffee filter to make No Time For Flashcard‘s cool Suncatcher Snail for your window. 

21. Kids Turkey Craft

Make a coffee filter turkey craft that is even great for younger kids like older toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten age kids!

22. Tie Dye Butterfly Art

This easy cool art starts with a coffee filter, Chinese paper or paper towels and can be a beautiful tie dye butterfly or a bookmark or a butterfly greeting card or a fairy…all the possibilities!

FAvorite Coffee Filter Crafts

23. Make Coffee Filter Roses

coffee filter rose craft for kids - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make more coffee filter flowers!

I have saved our favorite coffee filter craft for kids (and adults) for last, it is our easy coffee filter roses where regular old coffee filters are transformed into beautiful flowers.

More Household Item Crafts from Kids Activities Blog

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending hours exploring the aisles of craft stores, but I also like keeping money in my bank account, and spontaneous crafting that can be done on a whim, with items I already have. Check out these ideas to make the most of crafting supplies you might not have known you already have:

What is your favorite coffee filter craft or creation? Tell us all about it in the comments below! 

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