2 key steps for agents generating business with builders and developers

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Top real estate professionals know that opportunity can be found anywhere. And oftentimes, that opportunity lies in finding unique ways to differentiate your business expertise. For some top-producing agents, like Alex Malagon with RE/MAX Metro in St. Petersburg, Florida, it’s found by becoming the go-to real estate connection for local builders and developers. 

Since early in his decade-long career, Malagon has diversified his offerings, which has led to a productive niche in representing residential condos, single-family and townhome units yet to be built. To add to his track list of accomplishments is a luxury $100M+ residential development consisting of 44 waterfront lots he is currently representing. According to Malagon, the Tampa Bay housing market is undergoing remarkable growth that continues to escalate.

“I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with Tide Homes, a prominent player among the top builders in the Tampa Bay region. Their integral role spans both the development and construction facets of this ‘soon-to-be-released’ project,” Malagon says.

He unveils his two essential tips for fellow agents looking to foster meaningful connections with local builders and developers.

1. Build trust

Genuine relationships are the backbone of winning deals over the competition. These are built on a foundation of trust, a quality earned over time.

“Establishing trust within your network is of utmost importance. I consistently emphasize the significance of ethical conduct and dedicated effort, with the belief that achievements will naturally ensue,” Malagon shares. “In the realm of this business, relationships are paramount, and their cultivation requires patience, time, and most importantly, execution,” he says.

2. Have a support network in place

“Along [my career] journey, I’ve realized the utmost significance of having a solid support network and effective systems. Attempting to handle every aspect alone is a formula for potential failure,” Malagon warns.

Aligning with a productive brokerage, led by a supportive Broker/Owner, is an aspect of business Malagon deems essential — as is affiliating with a brand consumers and business partners recognize. 

“Within the framework of RE/MAX, I am equipped with an esteemed international brand and cutting-edge technology that enables me to connect with a vast audience. Crucially, my brokerage owner, Rick Brown, has played a pivotal role as my most enthusiastic advocate and support system,” he shares. “Our dynamic is characterized by a partnership rather than a traditional boss-employee relationship, a collaborative approach that permeates our operations. With the comprehensive resources of RE/MAX Metro’s in-house corporate structure and my unwavering determination to succeed, no task is insurmountable.”

Because the deals Malagon works on are sizable and complex, he has insight for agents eager to grow their businesses.

“For agents seeking to forge partnerships with developers, my advice is straightforward: Show up daily, provide concrete value, comprehend the metrics and financial intricacies, and consistently outshine your peers in effort,” he says. “By adhering to these fundamental principles and prioritizing value over monetary gains, success in terms of financial rewards will naturally follow.”

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